If you are serious about significantly reducing your energy overheads, radically reducing your carbon footprint and meeting your green agenda targets, we should be working together.

REI’s financial backing means we have in place funds to allow us to install across your entire network of unutilised roof space, at pace.

We have built a UK wide network of installation partners with the scope, scale and track record to install systems ranging from 5MW down to 30KW, where appropriate.

Additionally, we have good relationships with many of the UK’s largest institutional landlords and can frequently help expedite those negotiations where the property you use is not wholly owned.

To give you an indication of the difference that large-scale installation of Solar PV could make to your organisation, please see the following information.

For a 1MW installation, where the majority of energy produced is used on site, we would expect a saving of circa £1.4m over 25 years with an annual 350 tonne reduction in your carbon footprint.

The first step in us delivering these tangible benefits for you will always be a quick call, followed by a face-to-face meeting.