How it works

Our clients agree to lease the airspace above their roof for 25 years

We install our solar PV system onto their roof, free of charge

You pay per unit of solar electricity that you use

We monitor, maintain and insure the system for 25 years, at no cost to our clients

How you benefit

Free solar PV system – The system is fully funded by us.

Guaranteed savings on electricity bills – Electricity produced by the system which you consume on site is purchased from us at a rate cheaper than your current energy provider and is linked to RPI inflation.

Zero cost ‘green’ credentials – A zero capital route to improving your company’s Environmental l Responsibility, enhancing relations with eco-conscious customers, suppliers and staff.

No maintenance or insurance costs – We look after the system under a long term operations and maintenance contract and insurance cover, at no cost to you.

Long term protection against energy markets – The unit price you pay for electricity generated by the solar PV system will be fixed at the outset of the agreement and will only rise in line with RPI, allowing you to budget more effectively.

Fully transferable – The PPA can be transferred to new occupants should you move to new premises.

Typical savings you can expect to receive

REI funds the entire installation of a solar PV system and you receive discounted solar electricity generated by the local power generating plant. After 25 years, ownership of the system transfers to you and you enjoy 100% free solar electricity for the remaining life of the system (c. 10 years).


Bottom line savings on energy costs and carbon emission reductions

A typical installation* will deliver our clients




*Based on a 50kWp system, 90% on-site usage, 12.56p/kWh electricity tariff, 8.9p/kWh PPA tariff, 2.5% RPI and 5.7% electricity price inflation.

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