We help businesses achieve long-term electricity cost reductions by generating their own clean, green electricity from solar energy. For Free.

REI funds, develops, monitors and manages commercial and residential electricity generating solar PV systems across the UK. Our team has the unique combination of expertise in financial and investment markets as well as experience of installing over 1,000 systems on all roof types across a wide range of public and private sector clients.

If your organisation has a suitable roof space to lease, it could be benefiting from lower electricity bills and reduced carbon emissions today without incurring any cost.

REI is unlike any other solar-based energy investment and development business. We focus on the long term, helping commercial and industrial businesses, public-sector organisations and third sector bodies optimise the value inherent in their roof surface area over a 25 year period. We also believe that every organisation has their own responsibility to manage the environment and should be demonstrating to customers and employees that their business cares about the future of the earth for our children and future generations.

Commercial Buy-Back Scheme

REI also offer the innovative 'Buy-Back' scheme, which has been developed to provide business owners with a highly transparent, seamless and efficient way of unlocking the value of their existing solar PV system.

To find out more, visit our commercial buy-back scheme page.

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